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Thanks for stopping in! Here you will find a way to request time off, submit a concern resolution form, or give us your big idea!  Tell us about a product you want us to try, or tell us about an idea to make life a little bit better in the store through a "best practices" submission. If you are wanting to request time off, click the picture below. If you want to submit a concern or suggestion, please fill out the form below. Finally, scroll down to see how to sign up for our simple IRA program or check your pay history. 

Concern or Best Practices Submission Form

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To obtain information about the simple IRA plan, please click the Adobe Acrobat icon below. After reading the form, if you are eligible to contribute, please fill out the form below to get connected with the correct person.

Simple IRA Contribution Requirements

Simple IRA Contribution Inquiry

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If you need to know how much you made on your last check, or if you need a copy of your last paystub, click the picture below to link to your payroll information. .                                           

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